Friday, May 06, 2005

Moshie on Chegongoro

This is what the pleased Moshie Ratsebe writes to Lekoko4Christ after reading the Botswana Guardian's review of Mmereki's upcoming album:

"Hi folks, Finally!" ...the ancticipated Chegongoro is a better offering than its predecessor thanks to an improved instrumentation programming.....", says the new look Botswana Guardian. Yet in another line of the same article, about the song Nneneketsa, it goes like, "....Marakakgoro takes the Tswana greeting lines and turns them into a beautiful melodious piece that proves him not only creative but talented as well. "Now it was not going to be a perfect article without the mentioning of the POT that prepared the decent deliciously made meal! The moment I was waiting for: "The album was recorded at Red Recording Studios in Gaborone by Mmereki Marakakgoro & Thapelo Otlogetswe. It is a compililation which one can never regret to have among one's musical collection. "There you have it guys. The article says the album will be out on sale towards the end of this month. Let's go out to grap a copy."

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