Monday, November 19, 2007

Strange emotions

The past two weeks have been amazing! I defended my PhD thesis on Tuesday November 6th, 2007. Saturday the 10th my father died after having stroke for some 21 years. The last time I saw him was October 27th. We buried him November 17th in Mahalapye.

I was not very close to my dad. But it was such an amazing thing to hear his brothers and niece speak so eloquently about him. "He was a calm man under pressure" they said. They relaid tales of the rustic life of farming where upon beasts of burden entangled themselves with some leather cords how he calmly disentangled them and set them on their path. His musicality was highly celebrated, as a well-known accordion player in Lobatse. Speaker after speaker celebrated his love for good clothes. He was a good looking man, we were told.

We were told how some evil villagers, some witches and wizards, wanted to bewitch his father's kraal [to make his father's cows disappear through witchcraft] and upon recognising these evil messages in the kraal he assailed them , dragged them, yanking them a few centimeters off the ground into his father's yard. Some of these men walk the streets of Mahalapye mad even up to this day! Who wouldn't want a father like that. But I heard all this about him days after his death.

So I have had extreme emotions.... But God has been with me in such an amazing way...


Moshie said...

Hi Thaps

Strange emotions in deed! But it is such a pleasant thing to hear a man being described in such a beautiful way - even in his prime times - it's like the one who does not fear death not bothered of what people are going to have to say about his life during his funeral. It reminds me to live well - and never anxious about the day I leave this planet with the bold confidence that "I have fought a good fight!" Be strong and continue to live the legacy of your dad. Celebrate his life as you do your academic excellence! Best wishes in your future endeavors.

Moshie a.k.a Dj Wisker

Anonymous said...

Thaps, a Modimo a go sidilele pelo and be comforted. I have a strange feeling that you are not grieving the death of your father but the relationship that could have been when he was alive. I do. Mine had a stroke in his sleep 4 yrs ago and I could not make it to the funeral. I am a grown man and a father now, yet that grief doesn't leave me alone. I won't say much Thaps except that now I know where you got your musical talents.
Thebe (USA)

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. These are encouraging words! I am always reminded of the importance of fathers. Having had a father who was not there, I am encouraged to help other guys become good fathers and more importantly I am challenged & almost haunted by the fact that I have to be a good dad! Thaps

Anonymous said...

Thapelo,when you find time, please drop me a line at
..lots of catching up to be done here.